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3 Benefits Of Teeth Whitening Treatments

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There aren't many downsides to a brighter, whiter smile. Yet many people are still reluctant to visit their dentist's office in order to receive teeth whitening treatment. If you have been considering treatment in order to improve the look of your smile, take a look below at just three of the biggest benefits that make it worth your time.  


Stained or discolored teeth usually cause a person—even if just unconsciously—to smile less often, or to smile in such a way as to purposefully hide their teeth. This can quickly lead to major self-esteem issues in which a person feels less able to be themselves around others. One of the best advantages of a teeth whitening treatment is that it allows you to smile and laugh without fear of judgment, which in turn makes you seem more personable around others. Don't underestimate how big of an effect the color of your teeth can have on your overall self-confidence.

Convenience and Comfort

While a self-esteem boost is nice, most people would agree that it's not worth a huge degree of hassle or discomfort. Fortunately, teeth whitening services performed by a dentist carry no risk of either. That's because teeth whitening is completed in a series of relatively quick procedures that usually last no more than an hour or two—and often less. While the number of sessions will depend on the severity of discoloration, you can also rest assured that none of them will be invasive or painful. You may experience mild sensitivity as a result of repeated whitening sessions, but nothing severe. If you're especially concerned about the possibility of experiencing pain, rest assured that dentists have many options to choose from when performing whitening procedures, and can choose a solution, such as whitening foam, that contains less carbamide peroxide. 


Other cosmetic procedures that bring a massive improvement to your quality of life can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, teeth whitening services can be much more affordable for the average patient. Even if you don't plan to splurge on multiple teeth whitening appointments, a dentist can recommend (and give instructions for) approved kits that you can take home with you. These allow you to continue benefitting from teeth whitening treatments without having to schedule repeated in-office appointments. No matter your budget, there is likely to be a teeth whitening solution that works for you. 

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