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4 Advantages Of Getting A Dental Crown

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Taking care of your teeth is something you'll always want to do. If you wish to have the best dental health possible, it's vital to see your dentist regularly. This medical provider may suggest that you get a dental crown at some point in your life. This is when you will have an impression made of your existing tooth and a dental restoration will be created. There are numerous reasons you may want to have this done, and knowing some of these is ideal.

1. Strengthen your existing teeth

Do you have teeth that simply aren't as strong as in the past? This can happen over the years, and it's in your best interest to do all you can to improve your dental health.

Getting a crown made can allow your natural teeth to be much stronger, and this could be the key to avoiding an extraction or another major dental repair later.

2. Put it on top of a dental implant

If you have teeth that are missing, it's vital to restore these promptly. One of the top ways to do so may involve getting dental implants.

This is when you'll have a titanium post placed in your jawbone that will stabilize a dental restoration. It's typical to have a dental crown made to put over the implant to allow you to continue to enjoy good dental health.

3. Avoid a tooth extraction

If you have a tooth that has a great deal of decay, you'll want to do all you can to save the tooth. This may mean removing all of the decay, and getting a dental crown can make this possible.

It typically takes one or two visits to have this done, and the first visit will involve your dentist removing the decay and making an impression of the tooth. The second visit is when you'll have the crown put in place and adjusted as necessary.

4. Get a dental bridge

Another method for restoring a tooth that's missing is to get a dental bridge. You'll need to have dental crowns put in place that will build this bridge and fill in the gap of a missing tooth.

There are many ways that dental crowns may help your overall dental health, and working on getting one can be extremely beneficial. Consult with your dentist today to access your global dental status and learn if a crown may be helpful for you.