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2 Oral Rinses to Prevent a Tooth Infection After Your Child Develops a Vertical Root Fracture

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Children are often extremely active. Their level of activity will usually increase once you enroll them in sports. This can also contribute to an increased level of injuries, including tooth fractures. High-impact sports and other activities can result in a vertical root fracture. If your child develops a vertical root fracture, then it will look like a crack that appears at the base of their tooth near their gumline and dental pulp. This fracture can eventually expand until it reaches the surface of their tooth. If the fracture is not taken care of immediately, then this can result in a tooth infection that causes extreme pain. Fortunately, there are a few oral rinses that your child can use to keep the area clean until they are able to see their dentist.

Comfrey Root Leaf Rinse

Comfrey root leaf is not as popular as other herbs that are used to treat dental issues. However, the herb is commonly used to promote healing and remove any infection in wounds and other areas. The herb can be boiled in a pot of water in order to create a strong dental rinse after your child's tooth is fractured. The herbal rinse will also help to ease any discomfort that your child may experience. When using the rinse on your child, instruct your child to submerge their fractured tooth in the comfrey root leaf rinse. They should hold the rinse in their mouth for several minutes before rinsing it out.

Almond-Oil Rinse

You may notice almond oil in some of your skin care and beauty products. However, the herb is frequently used because it is a natural astringent. This allows it to work its way into infected areas and cleanse it of bacteria and other contaminants. Unlike tea-tree oil, which is another astringent, the smell and taste of almond oil is not too strong for your child to endure. In order to use almond oil, add a few drops of the oil into a hot cup of water along with a few drops of fresh lime juice. Instruct your child to pour some of the rinse into their mouth and work it around their dental fracture. Allow them to spit the rinse out, and then instruct them to repeat the process.

Oral rinses are some of the easiest ways to protect your child's vertical fracture from developing an infection until a dentist, such as one from Edwardsville Family Dentist, can fix it. Therefore, use these rinses to makes sure this is accomplished.