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Important Dental Information Every New Parent Should Have

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As a new parent, it is important to be aware of current recommendations for your little one's dental care. For example, you may be surprised to discover that your child should see the dentist within six months of their first tooth erupting and no later than their first birthday. In addition, it will be helpful to note that the fluoride in water, which has previously been controversial in some communities, has actually helped to reduce the amount of tooth decay in both kids and adults by at least 25% in recent years. If you want to make the best dental choices for your child and are not positive as to what they might be, the following information will be quite useful.

Planning For Your Child's Dental Care 

Although it was not unusual for previous generations of kids to not see the dentist until they had a mouth full of teeth, the current recommendations allow the dentist to form a relationship with you and your child from a young age. In addition, since your baby will have their first visit by their first birthday, the dentist can spot early problems like an undiagnosed tongue tie, which could impact your child's ability to eat, drink, or speak properly.

Therefore, it is best to schedule a visit your pediatric or family dentist before you order his or her first birthday cake.

Understanding The Impact Of Fluoride In The Water On Your Baby

In recent years, it has become much more common for communities to add a supply of fluoride to the water used by citizens. Unfortunately, a few side effects and a lot of fear have caused many people to rush to judgment about its use without having all of the information. Studies have proven on numerous occasions that fluoride is a safe substance when properly diluted and placed into a water supply for public use. Although you should speak with your dentist about any questions, he or she is likely to agree with the research.

One common and unfortunate complaint is from parents of infants who use a commercial baby formula. Since many formulas contain small amounts of fluoride, using tap water containing the same additive gave some kids tiny white spots on their teeth. It is important to note that the problem does not pose a health risk and is often very subtle, although the spots may appear any time prior to your child's eighth birthday. If you are concerned about the issue, you can use bottled water that has been distilled or purified to prepare your baby's formula, thus reducing the fluoride in their diet.

In conclusion, making appropriate dental care choices for your child can be challenging. Fortunately, the information listed above should make it a bit easier. For more information, speak with your dentist.