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It's Not Just A Cleaning: Understand Why Cleaning Visits Are So Important

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There is really no such thing as just cleaning when it comes to visiting the dentist. Dental patients can accomplish a lot more than a professional cleaning when they appear at their regular dental appointment. Find out more by reading below. 

Your Dental Hygienist

The dental professional in charge of cleaning your teeth is good at their job, naturally. However, they may also save your life. Dental hygienists are trained to be on the lookout for troubling and sometimes dangerous disorders while they are getting a close-up view of your mouth. After all, few people can see the inside of their mouth the way the hygienist can. For example, oral cancer can be hard for most people to spot. It can often present as tiny bumps on the skin inside of the cheeks. This type of cancer can be survived if caught early. 

Gum Disorders

The health of your gums is also important to your overall health and your cleaning appointment is the perfect time to assess it. Gum diseases don't exist in isolation. They can affect so much more than just the gums if left untreated. For example, a typical cleaning appointment will likely involve a deep cleaning of the teeth. In many cases, plaque and tartar buildup must be removed by going one step further. Scaling is when the gums are gently retracted so that plaque can be removed from those vulnerable areas. Plaque left in place can contribute to not just gum disease but to the integrity of your teeth. 

See the Unseen

Dental X-rays may be needed once a year or so, depending on your age and your tendency to get cavities. Modern X-ray equipment uses far less radiation than that of the past. They are important, too, because they allow the dentist to see what is going on in places that are not easily seen. Tiny cracks and areas of enamel loss can soon turn into a far worse cavity if not addressed early. They also give your dentist the chance to check out teeth that have not erupted yet, such as permanent teeth or wisdom teeth. That provides your dentist with a preview of needed upcoming procedures. For example, your dentist might spot a tooth that is erupting crookedly. 

Just touching base with your dentist can offer you confidence and assurance that your dental issues can all be fixed. Speak to your dentist to learn more.