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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals

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Have you discovered that you have a problem with one of your teeth and you now need a root canal? This has likely made you think of a lot of different questions about the procedure. 

Why Is A Root Canal Necessary? 

A root canal is needed anytime there is damaged or infected pulp within a tooth, and the dentist is able to save the tooth's structure rather than pull the tooth. This is because there are many health benefits to keeping a tooth's natural root in the jawbone since it helps stimulate the bone and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting.

How Long Is A Root Canal Procedure? 

A root canal is done over the course of one or two visits, with the first visit being the actual root canal procedure. This is when the dentist cleans out the canal of the tooth and removes all of that damaged or infected pulp. However, a crown is needed for the tooth to give it strength, and it is likely that your dentist will have this crown made at an outside lab. An impression will be taken of your mouth so that the crown can be created, and then you'll return to the dentist to have a permanent crown installed. 

Will A Root Canal Procedure Hurt? 

Most people do not feel any pain during the root canal procedure itself, with there being some mild discomfort from having your mouth open for so long. The dentist is going to do a good job at numbing your mouth so that you do not feel a thing from the procedure itself. 

Does A Root Canal Have Any Recovery Time?

Know that you're able to return to work or school after having a root canal done since it is not a procedure that will leave you sore or immobile for that long. However, you're not good to go immediately after the root canal. You'll likely need to be easy with the tooth that has the procedure since it is likely going to be sensitive. Consider sticking to soft foods to avoid hard chewing with the tooth.

When Should You Contact Your Doctor About Complications? 

Discomfort after a root canal will only get better from the day of the procedure. Reach out to your dentist if you notice problems getting worse, such as experiencing pain, swelling, or the tooth becoming darker. This is a sign that the tooth has an infection and must be taken care of as soon as possible.

To learn more about root canal procedures, contact a professional dentist in your area.