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4 Holiday Tips Your Dentist Office Wants You To Know

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As the holidays quickly approach, many people engage in once-a-year activities. There are usually many food, drink, and holiday-related activities. You have been anticipating many of these things all year. While your taste buds are dancing in anticipation, your teeth and gums may not be as happy with the presented choices. Fortunately, following a few dental-related holiday tips allows you to enjoy the holidays without fearing a return to your dental office in the new year. 

1. Your Teeth Are Not Tools

Your teeth are great for all the many things they are designed for, but they are not tools. Do not use your teeth as nutcrackers, wine openers, tag biters, snack bag openers, or any other bad habits that may present themselves during the holidays. 

Using your teeth as tools can damage their edges and weaken your enamel. The last thing you want to add to your schedule during the already busy holidays is an emergency cosmetic repair, filling, or crown replacement. 

2. Holiday Drinks Can Be Quite Damaging

Holiday drinks, while quite tasty, can sometimes be quite damaging. Many of these drinks are very sugar-laden, have acidity, and based on red staining ingredients. Red wines and the cranberry juice in your Christmas cosmopolitan can quickly undo your pre-holiday whitening appointments. 

If given a choice, choose clear or light-colored drinks. While some of these can still be quite sugary, you will not have to worry about staining. Always ensure you follow a night of drinking with thorough oral care. 

3. Choose Cheese and Veggies

One thing about holiday-laden tables is that you can usually find chunks of cheese and crisp veggies. Cheese can help neutralize any of the acids in other holiday foods and drinks. 

Crisp veggies such as raw broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, and cauliflower can help scrub your teeth and gums. The increased chewing of raw veggies and their rough edges can help clean the plague and bacteria off your teeth that other foods and drinks leave behind.

4. Schedule Post Holiday Checkups and Cleanings Now

Dental offices often become very crowded at the beginning of the year. The first of the year often brings about new dental plans and additional flex spending funds.

People also make New Year's resolutions to better care of themselves in the new year. You are ensured an appointment by scheduling your post-holiday checkups and cleanings before the rush hits. A good cleaning will go a long way to undo holiday food-related damage.

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