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Do You Need Root Canals? Here Are 3 Top Warning Signs

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Proper oral health is critical for anyone, meaning you should ensure regular dental check-ups to diagnose and treat any problem. Ignoring this can badly cause tooth decay or severe infection. It may not be straightforward to know what treatment you need without visiting a dental expert. Whether you experience temperature sensitivity, tooth or gum pain, do not assume anything. Instead, you want to visit your dentist for examination and recommendations. Sometimes your teeth may feel okay because not all teeth that require root canals may show symptoms. If you're wondering when you may need root canals, here are the top warning signs you need to know. 

Severe Tooth Decay

Once a severe decay enters your tooth's base, using mouthwash, flossing, or brushing won't solve this problem. Unfortunately, failure to treat a cavity can cause it to spread into your tooth's root and the nerve. Does this sound like your tooth situation? If so, you will likely need a root canal before getting a crown fitting. 

This is why you need to schedule regular appointments with your dentist. Neglecting your gums and teeth can lead to the spread of diseases and infections, and a minor dental issue can become severe and require a complicated procedure.

Swollen Gums

Gum inflammation is a common problem. Several oral issues that can cause it may include oral injury, food particles sticking in your gum line, and gingivitis. However, if you discover a specific tooth has swollen gums at its base, you could be dealing with a bigger problem, and it could indicate an infection. 

With an infection, sudden inflammation is likely to occur. When you have other oral issues like gingivitis, you'll experience widespread and gradual swelling. Once you discover you have swelling, it's important that you observe it. If it persists for more than a week, it could be time you visit your dentist. If the swollen gums have severe pain, chances are you'll need a root canal. 

Sensitivity to Cold or Heat

Tooth sensitivity is a common sign you could be the right candidate for a root canal. Do you experience a toothache after consuming hot drinks like tea or coffee? This is an issue you shouldn't ignore. While your tooth can start with a dull ache, this can escalate into intense and sharp pain. 

Cold drinks and foods can also lead to sharp pain in individuals with an infected tooth. For example, if you experience tooth sensitivity and pain after consuming ice, you need to visit a dental expert for your case's evaluation. 

While everyone wants proper dental hygiene, sometimes an infection can occur, causing unnecessary discomfort and inconveniences. If you think you qualify for root canals, ensure you schedule a visit to your dentist as soon as possible. To learn more, contact a clinic like Laveen Smiles.