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Stocking Stuffers That Won't Damage Your Child's Teeth

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With the Christmas holiday approaching, parents are starting to plan stocking stuffers and other treats for their children. Unfortunately, the traditional chocolates and other candy treats that are staples for most holiday stockings are damaging to teeth. If you want to build a stocking that will still be full of excitement and magic without damaging your child's teeth, there are alternatives that you can consider. You can even help encourage proper dental hygiene with certain stuffers. Here are some ideas to add to your holiday shopping list.

Opt For Sugar-Free Candies

There are sugar-free varieties of most holiday candies, making it easier for you to maintain some of the tradition of sweet stocking stuffers without damaging teeth. Look for sugar-free options and buy them in moderation. Use most of the space in the stocking for other items, and use the candies as a filler instead of as the primary option.

Make the Other Treats Tooth-Friendly

If you want to incorporate other snacks into your child's stocking, opt for things that are easier on dental health. For example, unsalted nuts and whole fruits are a better option. The hard texture of the nuts will help to stimulate bone growth, which strengthens your child's teeth and jaw. The fresh fruit, like apples, will help clean your child's teeth and pack a vitamin punch at the same time.

Small Toys

While most of the child's toys will come from gifts under the tree, you can opt for smaller toys and trinkets to fill the stocking space. Things like marbles, jacks, yo-yos, and other objects will be sure-fire hits for younger kids.

Dental Care Items

Christmas is a great time to gift your child with items that will encourage them to take proper care of their teeth. You can even make it fun by getting holiday-themed items. For example, peppermint-flavored dental floss will bring the holidays to your child's dental care routine.

You can also find a small two-minute timer device that will encourage your child to brush for the proper length of time every time. You can even include small gift-sized tubes of toothpaste, a character toothbrush, and other similar items. These are all great options that will help reinforce the message about the importance of dental health.

With tips like these, you'll be able to create a holiday stocking that your child will love without loading them up with sugary, tooth-damaging treats that will leave you playing catch-up to prevent decay and other problems. For more tips, talk with your child's dentist, such as Carpenter Dental, today.