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Drink Tea? Learn About How It Can Stain Your Teeth

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If you drink tea, you may already be well aware that this tasty beverage can leave a stain across your teeth. If you depend on tea to give you the energy you need every day, you will have problems related to the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Thankfully, there are some ways to reduce the rate the tea will cause teeth staining, even if it doesn't prevent the problem altogether.

Alternate Between Tea and Drinking Water

It's common to drink tea during the day and not taking steps to clean your teeth. If you're not snacking frequently, you may even get by with brushing the standard two times every singe day. Tea drinkers need to take some special consideration for their habit though.

Tea that contains sweeteners will act like a natural bacteria inside your mouth. By constantly drinking the tea, it will feed the bacteria and cause it to breed. It results in plaque, which is caused by the bacteria breeding and creating waste, which happens at a faster rate for those that constantly drink tea.

While it's not good on the enamel of your teeth to brush constantly during the day, you do need to take steps to reduce how much acid is on your teeth. You should consider drinking water as an alternative when you go to refill your beverage, alternative back and forth between the two. It won't completely clean the teeth, but will help wash plaque away, which slows down how fast your teeth become stained.

Understand Why Plaque Is A Concern

The problem with plaque is that it dries on your teeth, which is what creates those yellow stains you are familiar with. Plaque will absorb the color of the foods and drinks that you consume. When absorbing the color, it also solidifies on your teeth with the discolored tint. For those that drink tea, it can be a reddish or brown streak on their teeth. Once the plaque hardens it is called tartar, and stains can't be removed using standard brushing.

If you want to get rid of the stains, meet with your dentist about cosmetic dental procedures that can be used. They may recommend a teeth whitening procedure that will use a peroxide solution to change the color of the teeth, or even veneers that will cover up the discoloration with a porcelain shell. They'll be able to advise you of the best course of action during a consultation. For more information or assistance, contact a local dentist, like one from The Family Dentist.