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Five Important Dental Care Steps To Follow After Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants may be your best option for replacing missing or damaged teeth in your mouth. This will give you a full smile that can boost your confidence, as well as to help continue normal speech and normal eating. When you decide that dental implant surgery is the right solution for you, you will want to know what you should be doing after the surgery to ensure that the process is as successful as possible and you prevent certain complications from arising, such as infection. Here are five important dental care steps to follow after dental implant surgery:

  1. Brushing: Although your mouth is going to be sore after the surgery, you must be sure that you continue brushing as normal. You will need to brush more gently than normal, but as long as every tooth is being brushed to remove bacteria, you can avoid infection and ensure that the recovery process is successful. 
  2. Mouth Rinse: Twice daily, you should be rinsing out your mouth, which is especially helpful since you cannot brush as vigorously as you normally do. Using salt water is a great way to rinse out your mouth to help kill bacteria that causes infection. This is going to help keep your mouth clean even further during a time that is more difficult to brush normally. You also won't be able to floss during this time, which is why a mouth rinse is even more important.
  3. Stretch Jaw Muscles: After dental implant surgery, many people experience the stiffening of the jaw, which is normal. However, this can be quite uncomfortable and can even prevent you from easily being able to eat and drink. In order to help speed the recovery of the stiffening of the jaw muscles, you should stretch them often by opening and closing your mouth as wide as you can. 
  4. Avoid Extreme Food Temperatures: During the first couple days after implant surgery, you want to be sure that you avoid extreme food temperatures. This is because extremely hot and cold foods cause sensitivity in the mouth. This can slow down recovery and make you more uncomfortable. 
  5. Minimize Swelling With Ice: Swelling is a common problem after dental implant surgery. You will want to reduce the swelling with ice, which can help speed the recovery and ensure that you continue to be comfortable. You also want to do this if you have to return to work in a few days. This will help ensure that your appearance is pretty much back to normal when you return. 

By following these dental care tips for the first few days after surgery, you can be sure that you recover from the dental implant surgery as successfully as possible. Contact a company like Gordon Dental for more information.