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3 Surprising Benefits Of Contouring Your Teeth

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If you have healthy teeth and gums, but are annoyed by a slightly crooked tooth or the different sizes of adjacent teeth, you may be an ideal candidate for dental contouring. Since the entire process frequently occurs in just one session, it is a reasonably priced procedure that can dramatically improve your smile. However, there are numerous benefits of dental contouring, which is also known as dental reshaping, that extend beyond just improving your smile quickly and it will be helpful to learn what they are.

#1-Cleaner, Healthier Teeth Are Often Possible Due to Dental Contouring

If you want dental contouring so you can hide the tiny areas between your teeth that overlap, you probably already know that flossing those areas can be very challenging. Unfortunately, because it is easy to miss plaque that hides there, decay will often form.

Dental contouring can remove that tiny overlap. As a result, flossing will be a much simpler and more effective task, since you will be able to remove more plaque, bits of food, etc. 

#2-It Can Make It Instantly Easier To Eat And Drink Hot Or Cold Items

It is important to remember that contouring can smooth out small, pitted areas and repair tiny chips on your teeth. That means that it is less likely that a piece of ice or a few drops of hot coffee will hit those problem areas and cause discomfort in the future.  

In addition, since dental contouring is one of the fastest types of cosmetic dentistry, there is no need to take time off from work and you can eat or drink whatever you want soon after your appointment. Most patients do not even need any type of anesthesia during the procedure, and upon returning home, even over-the-counter pain medications are rarely necessary.

#3-Dental Contouring Provides A Subtle Change

If you have spent years smiling with your mouth closed because you were embarrassed about minor imperfections, it is not unusual to want to protect your privacy as you make improvements to your smile. Just as someone might lose weight slowly, so that you barely notice, dental contouring is frequently used as the first step in a major dental improvement.  

If you move on to professional teeth whitening or veneers in the future, the people with whom you work or associate may not notice when your cosmetic dental procedures are done over a period of time. Therefore, you will never need to be known as that guy who had all that dental work done; you will simply be the person with the great smile.

In conclusion, cosmetic dentistry does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. If you are in good oral health, you can benefit from dental contouring. After as little as a single visit, you can enjoy a beautiful smile.