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Dental Implant: Tips to Handle Your Dental Implant Appointment Anxiety Correctly

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Anxiety may creep up in your mind as your dental implant appointment approaches. Being nervous about visiting your dentist is not abnormal, yet it may cause you turn to nerve-busters that could complicate your visit. The following are a few nerve-busters that may help your visit and a few substances to stay away from. 

Nerve-Busters You Should Avoid

1. Alcohol

The first thing you want to avoid is alcohol. For one, alcohol can clash with any medications that your dentist may administer. So be sure to tell your dentist if you had some alcohol before your visit.

You should also know that alcohol thins your blood. This is not an effect that you want to have, especially since your dentist will be performing a dental implant surgery. Alcohol could make you bleed too much, and this might put you in danger. Alcohol also slows your immune system, which may increase your chances of infection.

2. Cigarettes

The second thing you want to avoid is cigarettes. Cigarettes can damage your blood vessels, making it hard for your blood to flow normally. Blood contains several healing contents that you will need to heal, such as collagen, which helps rebuild gum and tooth tissue. Damaged blood vessels could also make it hard for medications to flow through your body and affect you as your dentist intended.

So what can you do instead to avoid these nerve-busters before visiting your dentist?

Safe Nerve-Calming Solutions

Believe it or not, you do have other options that can help calm your nerves before visiting the dentist.

Consider the following options:

1. Chocolate

You could try a little raw chocolate before visiting the dentist. Chocolate contains special feel-good ingredients like cannabinoids. Cannabinoids affect your brain and help you feel better, which can help fight off any stress that you might feel before visiting your dentist. Look for raw, naturally sweetened chocolate at your local health food store.

2. Lavender

You could also sniff a little lavender essential oil before visiting your dentist. Lavender contains several ingredients like linalyl acetate, which can help activate relaxing neurotransmitters in your brain.

As you can see, there is a good way and a bad way to deal with your nerves. Hopefully this guide sheds some light on how to deal with your dental-related stress. And, as always, you can talk to your dentist, one like Arrowhead Family Dentistry, about other ways to calm down during your dental implant surgery.