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4 Things To Expect After You Start Wearing Dentures

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New dentures might restore your beautiful smile, but you should expect a little time to pass before you get used to wearing them. Among the common issues new denture wearers face are getting used to speaking, eating, and wearing dentures. Here are 4 things to expect when wearing dentures that you didn't experience before you got them.

Gum Irritation

Dentures will most likely irritate your gums. The main issue is that the shape of your gums changes over time—especially after you've had your teeth removed. You should make regular appointments to see your dentist so they can see where the dentures are rubbing against your gums and irritating them. The irritation can get so bad you might not wear your dentures until you see your dentist again. However, you should put your dentures back in your mouth a day or two before your dental appointment so the dentist can see what part of the dentures need adjusting.


Be prepared to mispronounce words you've never had trouble with before you got dentures. This is a common condition and should only last for a few days. You tongue is going to have to get used to the dentures in your mouth before it starts to work well again. The key thing is to take is slow. Your tongue is used to working in a certain way based on the condition of your teeth, and when that condition changes, it will throw your tongue off until it gets used to the new conditions. The process of your tongue getting used to its new environment can take a few days or more, but it will get used to it.


Eating, like speaking, won't feel normal right away. One thing that you have to learn not to do anymore is pulling your food off of your fork, because this can also pull your dentures off your gums. You typically have to get used to chewing with the dentures—especially hard-to-chew foods. You should start eating things like sliced fruits, soups, and eggs. After a few days, you can start on tougher foods like steak and submarine sandwiches.


A unique experience that new denture wearers aren't necessarily ready to experience your dentures slip off of your gums—this will happen. You might feel that your teeth might be getting ready to shoot out of your mouth, but in most cases, all you have to do is quickly bite down and swallow. This action will set the dentures back in place on your gums. However, you have to act as soon as you feel the dentures move, or they could come out of your mouth (at least partially).

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