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All About Space Maintainers After Your Child's Tooth Extraction

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While your dentist will try to save your child’s teeth from being extracted, it’s not always possible with trauma or deep decay. The downside of extracting a baby tooth too early is that there might not be enough room for your child’s incoming adult teeth to erupt. Your child’s jaw may not have grown enough yet to support incoming teeth or his or her other baby teeth may crowd the area of incoming adult teeth. Read More»

Signs You Need To See A Dentist

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You may go to a dental clinic for routine checkups, but these are not the only visits you might need to attend. If you ever experience a tooth problem, you might need to make an appointment to have the dentist check the issue. If you are not sure if a problem is serious enough for a dental visit, you can call a clinic to ask. In most cases, they will recommend scheduling an appointment if you have any of the following issues. Read More»