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4 Tips For Avoiding White Spots On Your Teeth After Braces

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If you currently have braces, it's important to know what adjustments you need to take in your regular oral health care. Having braces is going to create some unique challenges for ensuring that your teeth are left as clean as possible during the process so that once the braces are removed, you not only have a straight smile, but also a healthy one. One of the many problems people can face when they have braces is white spots that are left behind once the braces are removed. Here are four tips for avoiding this issue:

  1. Use an Electric Toothbrush: When you have braces, it's best to invest in an electric toothbrush. This is because the vibration from the toothbrush when it's being used is going to help remove stubborn plaque that is stuck to your braces and the wires. You can even find an electric toothbrush that is designed specifically for those with braces. These are designed to get in between the brackets to ensure that no plaque is forming around these areas. 
  2. Stop Drinking Soda: Although your orthodontist won't tell you that you have to avoid drinking soda when you have braces, it's always best. This is because the sugary drink leaves behind even more plaque that can get stuck to your braces. You should also be avoiding other sugary sweets, such as candies and acidic drinks, such as lemonade. 
  3. Continue to Visit Your Dentist: Dentists know how to work around braces and will ensure that your teeth are regularly cleaned during the process. This is important because dentists have specific tools that will work to remove the plaque stuck to the brackets. This is definitely more challenging to do on your own, even with an electric toothbrush since you won't actually be scraping away at the extremely stubborn plaque that may be there. 
  4. Keep Flossing:  Flossing is definitely more challenging when you have braces because the wire gets in the way. However, it's not impossible. You will want to stick the floss in between the teeth and work it up through the back where the wire isn't in the way. This will still be effective and ensure that your teeth are staying as free from plaque as possible. 

When you utilize these four tips, you can be sure that you avoid white spots on your teeth once your braces are removed. This then ensures that you don't have to spend even more on your dental care by getting teeth whitening done to remove the white spots. Consult with an orthodontics expert for more information.