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5 Things To Do After A Dental Extraction

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Dental extractions are unavoidable and necessary for a number of reasons. You may need to have your wisdom teeth removed, for example, since wisdom teeth are difficult to brush and keep clean and cause shifts and changes in your mouth that can be damaging. You may also need to have a tooth that has suffered from decay removed before the decay spreads to other areas of the mouth. Once you have a dental extraction performed, you will want to do these five things afterwards:

  1. Take a Day or Two Off: After you have had an extraction performed, you shouldn't be returning to work for at least a day. You need this time to rest and allow your mouth to recover as best as possible. It is best to request this day off from work as soon as you know about the appointment for the extraction. You also don't want to be doing any exercise after for at least one day.
  2. Avoid Hot Foods: After you have an extraction, you aren't going to be able to feel much in your mouth because of the anesthesia that is used. This takes some time to wear off, so you must be sure that you avoid hot foods and drinks. You may not be able to feel if you are causing any pain by burning your mouth when you consume something hot. 
  3. You Still Need to Brush: Don't avoid brushing your teeth. You still want to brush as regularly as you normally do. Brushing is especially important during this time since you want to be the mouth clean after an extraction to avoid infection. Just be sure that while brushing, you brush really lightly near the extraction area. 
  4. Don't Take Aspirin: If you are in any pain after an extraction, you can take medicine that you would take for pain relief from headaches. However, you shouldn't take aspirin since this can cause your mouth to bleed during this sensitive time. 
  5. Stop Bleeding Properly: If you see any bleeding, don't rinse out the mouth. Instead, you want to put pressure on the area with a piece of clean piece of cotton. The bleeding should slow down. If the bleeding becomes worse, then you want to be sure to contact your dentist.

By knowing these five things to do after going through the process of a dental extraction, you can be sure that you are prepared and are able to help the heal process go by a bit more quickly. For more information, contact clinics like A Q Denture Services